Restructuring & Divestments

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Corporate Restructuring
Abacus Capital assists clients in the optimal restructuring of their businesses.   Abacus Capital assesses the businesses from different standpoints such as operations, finance, and competitive advantage, and advises clients on cash flow and capital structure to promote financial efficiency and ensure growth.

Debt Restructuring
Abacus Capital assists clients in restructuring their financial obligations.  Activities include obtaining re-financing, re-acquiring outstanding debts, assessing clients’ current financial condition to determine acceptable debt levels, structuring debt-to-equity conversions and other debt reducing arrangements.

Abacus Capital assists clients in divesting companies, businesses and assets.  Activities begin with a strategic review of the divestment target in the context of the overall business group or investment portfolio, followed by an analysis of its suitability, capital requirements and contributions, and long-term value relative to other businesses.  Abacus Capital negotiates and closes the divestment with the selected acquirer.