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Abacus Capital pursues a targeted investment approach that caters to specific investor requirements, while ensuring that risks are well diversified and that the best investment opportunities are made available to its portfolios.


Abacus Capital pursues a targeted investment approach for its portfolios. The approach is divided in two categories: income-oriented portfolios and capital gain-oriented portfolios. For income-oriented portfolios, Abacus Capital selects publicly traded equity and debt securities and selected liquid funds that offer income visibility and some degree of capital protection. For portfolios oriented towards capital gains, Abacus Capital invests in (i) the securities of growth and event driven companies that have healthy business franchises and/or growth opportunities that financial and industry players will value; and (ii) non-traditional assets where supply is severely limited and demand is or is very likely to be very high.

Investment Criteria
Abacus Capital will specifically tailor the investment criteria of a portfolio to the requirements of each investor. These criteria generally include industry focus, company financial structure and potential, securities characteristics, and valuation benchmarks. Where appropriate, Abacus Capital applies investment limitations on the percentage of a portfolio that can be invested in any single company, industry or country.

Risk Management
Abacus Capital actively monitors the market, liquidity, correlation, credit and counterparty exposure of its portfolios by reviewing these risk categories on a dynamic basis, ensuring investors access to superior risk-adjusted investment opportunities.  When hedging is required, Abacus Capital uses a variety of capital market instruments available in both the local and offshore financial markets.