Core Competencies

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Abacus Capital's global market perspective complemented by its Asian focus places it in a strategically unique position to understand and take advantage of investment opportunities in Asia.

Global Market Perspective
The Abacus Capital management team has extensive experience in the financial markets of New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, encompassing the origination, distribution, trading and management of debt and equity securities. This global perspective enables Abacus to bring sophisticated technical expertise to the management of investments in the full spectrum of sovereign, financial and corporate securities markets.

Asian Focus
The team is well acquainted with the subtleties and idiosyncrasies of the Asian markets, having operated in Southeast Asia for over three decades at a variety of financial institutions. Abacus has built strong client relationships, which are enhanced by an extensive network of service providers within the Asian business and financial community.

Risk Management
The Abacus team is well-versed in risk identification, quantification and control, offering investors access to superior risk-adjusted investment opportunities. Areas of expertise include currency, interest rate and credit risk management, as well as corporate, regulatory and legal risk assessment and control.