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Abacus Capital was founded in 1995 to manage traditional debt funds for Asian financial institutions. In 1997, Abacus Capital successfully launched an investment business in Asian distressed assets, and began its advisory business a year later. In 2000, Abacus Capital began managing strategic investment portfolios for corporate investors and business families.  In 2003, Abacus Capital started its lifestyle investment portfolios.

The Group is managed by a seasoned team of finance professionals with a wealth of experience in investment and commercial banking, debt and equity capital markets, and portfolio management.  The management of Abacus Capital has worked over the past three decades in a variety of global financial capitals including New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Abacus Capital consists of three operating divisions: Investments, Asset Management and Advisory:

Asset Management  Abacus Capital structures and actively manages customized funds focusing on industry-specific special situation investments in both private and public companies.   Investments consist of minority and control stakes acquired through the deployment of development capital or outright acquisitions and buy-outs. 
Advisory  Abacus Capital advises on debt & equity capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, and restructurings
& divestments; adopting a hands-on approach to deliver effective solutions tailored to clients’ needs.
Investments Abacus Capital actively manages both proprietary and client capital by investing in diverse asset classes including public and private equity, alternative assets and lifestyle portfolios. 

The Asset Management, Advisory and Investment services provided by Abacus Capital are frequently interspersed into a Corporate Private Banking approach to provide long-term solutions to the specific and complex private wealth management needs of individual business families.