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Core Competencies

Abacus Capital's global market perspective complemented by its Asian focus places it in a strategically unique position to understand and take advantage of investment opportunities in Asia.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Abacus Capital supports philanthropic efforts on an adhoc basis and provides resources that enhance the capacity of organizations that successfully address basic needs of underserved communities. Abacus Capital has contributed in the following projects:

Investment Profile

The management of Abacus Capital has a proven track record in managing numerous funds in Asia through both the bull markets of the 1990s and early 2000s, and the bear markets during the Asian financial crisis and the 2008 financial market crisis.  Abacus Capital has managed numerous funds, including:

Management Team


Abacus has an experienced team that possesses hands-on expertise in operating and investing in emerging growth companies. In particular, the Abacus team is comprised of a number of financial experts with extensive experience in the global capital markets and Asian investments.



Abacus Capital was founded in 1995 to manage traditional debt funds for Asian financial institutions. In 1997, Abacus Capital successfully launched an investment business in Asian distressed assets, and began its advisory business a year later. In 2000, Abacus Capital began managing strategic investment portfolios for corporate investors and business families.  In 2003, Abacus Capital started its lifestyle investment portfolios.

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