Topic “Advisory”

Restructuring & Divestments

Corporate Restructuring
Abacus Capital assists clients in the optimal restructuring of their businesses.   Abacus Capital assesses the businesses from different standpoints such as operations, finance, and competitive advantage, and advises clients on cash flow and capital structure to promote financial efficiency and ensure growth.

Debt Restructuring


Abacus provides a variety of customized advisory services tailored to the needs of Asian and European family-owned business groups, undertaking corporate finance and capital market activities.

Abacus has relationships with a diverse group of investors, including Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Trading Desks at financial institutions, Business Families, and a deep pool of lenders at Banks and Bond and Mezzanine Funds.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Abacus Capital assists clients in merging their businesses with target companies.  Services include assisting clients in identifying potential merger partners, performing asset valuations, providing guidance in the due diligence process and negotiating with counterparties.


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