Topic “Investments”

Lifestyle Portfolios

In addition to investments in traditional asset classes, Abacus Capital manages several portfolios in non-traditional lifestyle asset classes, including Fine Wine and Art Collections. 

Vitis Fine Wine Collections

Equity & Debt Securities

Abacus Capital has managed a variety of equity and debt funds over the past two decades for a variety of institutional investors, including Abacus Capital, Danareksa Asset Management, and Bankers Trust Company. 

Public Equity

Alternative Assets

Abacus Capital actively manages the Abacus Absolute Return Fund (AARF), which invests in third party fund managers.  The focus of AARF is principally on non-directional funds that exploit a particular market niche or trading strategy.  The Fund’s allocation is approximately 50% to Asian managers and 50% to managers in other markets, investing in a variety of fund styles in order to minimize individual investment correlations and reduce the volatility of portfolio returns.  The Fund seeks to make an average return of 1% per month.

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